Tea Time

Don't you love this cup? I do.

I refuse to live a conventional life. I refuse to give in into busyness, being always tired, not having enough time to do, do, do, burying myself under sheets of to do lists...

Thanks to my wonderful husband, the girls and I stay home. Here we cook, learn, clean, play, EAT :), and live a poetic life.

Rhonda, at the Ambleside Online community, encouraged us to have a tea time day in the week, and many of us did. I drink a lot of tea. I was a coffee drinker in Spain, then went through a period of oblivion, and my lovely mother in law, my husband, and my dear friend Heather, made me a tea crusader!

Tuesday we set the table this lovely. The girls did. They always enjoy decorating, setting the table nicely, and they wanted to use my special china cups I got from Shang, my friend from Taiwan. I need to show you those cups next time. I let them use those chickadee cups instead.

We had some cake left over from their cousin's birthday. They chose decaf coffee, and I chose mango tea. They played Andante Cantabile, by Tchaikovsky -which I am also listening to now-,and it all was nice if quick. The girls talked about plans for the upcoming week. And life was very good.

And this is why I like blogging. To reflect a bit on our daily life. That Tuesday was a very hard day. My daughter has had a expander for months, and now braces, she had two different incidents, lots of pain, we had spent our life at the dentist, everything was a drama that morning... but still life is good. It is nice to sit, look at your life through the lens and the beautiful and calm pictures, and reminisce about a quick yet special moment in a normal yet special Tuesday.


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