At HOME and SCHOOL with the Cachias

Impossible to hide we do love Marco Polo at home!
 This illustration above is from our last finding, The Travels of Marco Polo, by Marion Koenig.

 This one is a book in Spanish that helps us for reference.
 This one above, is our dear Komroff's Marco Polo, for children, which we cherish each week of this, my oldest daughter year 3.
 I finished the third book in the Hunger Game series. A good trilogy. I have also read Jamaica Inn with my friend Jeanne and others who joined us, My Reading Life by Pat Conroy, and The Living Page. All good and very different.
 We did an experiment we saw on Facebook, but I think we mess up somewhere for it did not come up the same pretty... well, I say it never does! However, we appreciated the different densities of liquids and how objects float and get trapped in them.

 I have printed these coloring pages to follow along for this book. We are no fans of coloring pages, but these are taken to a new level. The girls enjoy coloring and talking, and listening too. And we found this great link to a 3 paper print out that will result in the elongated map you see on the picture above. You print this map in 3 pages, cut the white edges, link them with tape, and voila... Christian journey from the City of Destruction to Celestial City.
 I think we messed up with the milk, and the water... or both.
Today it was ideal in Texas. Girls did studies outside. My oldest almost NEVER listens to books in audio, I read, she may buddy read a bit, not extensively, but today she did listen to Our Country of Ours, and she cheated me to two chapters instead of one! She then said, "mom, are we going to read Squanto?" Music to my ears. We will. I know they will like that book by Feenie Ziner, they usually love biographies, like their mom!
 Our narcissus, which comes every year in the same spots we planted them first.

 Apple tree blossoms. And because you cannot hear, lots of birds singing today.

This is the beans to the left, our fire pit, and table by the shed. Last Saturday my husband cooked here while I read aloud book 7 of the Iliad, and he spoiled the battle and whole book for me by telling me how it'd end! LOL. I don't mind, I still will keep reading with friends at our book club.

The unthinkable has happened. My oldest daughter is reading her first free reading book (those are books we don't use for school and that she does not have to narrate from), from the year 3 suggested literature. (She takes her time, though, and that is fine. There are different types of readers, and different paces). I admit I don't know her as I thought, this choice should not have surprised me. I offered the book to her without much conviction, read the first pages, which were catchy, when she suggested she would like reading it herself. I know she feels comfortable with the size of the print, which is not as small as other titles I have. I thought Brighty of the Grand Canyon was going to be boring, and it was loved by all my family. I read it in the car on weekends. Then I thought this book, The Bears of Blue River, was going to also be not so interesting for her, and it is, even though the main character is Balser, a boy obsessed with owing a gun and with bears. My books are more like, The Little White Horse, Alice, The Little Princess... while she has liked those, and is also enjoying The Little White Horse I am reading aloud, she is a Texan, she truly likes guns and animals too. Need I say she adores Secrets of the Woods?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I should have taken a picture when we did the liquid density experiment. It took a couple of days to really settle well. We didn't add any of the objects to see where they would float. Maybe we'll do it again some day.

  2. Me encanta todo lo que contas amiga! Un placer ver que la pasan taaaan a gusto ...
    Y ese mapa largo esta buenisimo, me encanto! Mil gracias por compartirlo Silvita!!!

  3. Yes, I would have loved to see your pics, Diana... we too will do this again. It was nice. My only thought was, gulp, I don't want to put much pure maple syrup, ha ha ha.

  4. Gracias, Marina. Es estupendo y una gran bendición educar en casa, ¿verdad?


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